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About Us:

Harvey is our primary instructor. Harvey's passion for firearms safety and training started at a very young age. He along with his Father, and Grandfather were/are combat veterans. Harvey is a retired Police Officer, a USMC Combat Veteran. Harvey is also highly trained in handgun, shotgun, less than lethal and many other self defense tactics. Currently certified by USCCA.


Betts Defense Training is currently accepting applications for additional USCCA instructors.

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High Quality Training

We are proud to provide the highest quality training information. We will help you build the firearms training fundamentals and advanced tactics you will need to lead a safe and positive weapons lifestyle.

Our Motto:

A "BETTS" Defense is the best defense.

Classes and Services

MDHQL-Maryland Handgun Qualification License

8hr. class with range time. As required by law, Maryland residents must possess a HQL as a requirement to purchase or receive a regulated firearm.  The required training is valid for a three-year period and must be successfully completed prior to submitting an application.

Concealed / Wear Carry Certification

This 16 hour course is a complete guide to understanding the basics of firearms ownership, safety, and nomenclature, and how it applies to home- or self-defense. After this class, students will feel confident to act as their family’s first line of defense in the event of a home invasion or other critical incident.

Home Security

For many, the home is mistakenly considered an impenetrable fortress where guards can be let down and an awareness of surroundings is no longer necessary, but that is simply not the case. This class teaches you the importance of situational awareness through the color codes of awareness, how conflict avoidance benefits you at home, and how vital it is to be proactive versus the risks of living reactively.

-Book a personalized Home Defense evaluation with Harvey. email for more information and availability.  

Refresher class

$75.00 - Two hours - 1hr class 1hr range.

If you are Barney Fife, Tackleberry or John Wick.

Get back to basics. "Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect." Vince Lombardi


This is the Fundamental, & Safety that equals Success class.

The shotgun is a popular and effective platform for home defense. In this course, BDT instructors will demonstrate how you can improve your overall understanding of the shotgun and increase your defensive ability in and around your home. Havey has had over 25 years of weapons training including years of military and Police experience. Harvey has an outstanding level of knowledge as a firearms instructor, and is a specialist in defensive and tactical weapons.


This classroom instruction and live-fire AR-15 Fundamentals course is designed to introduce responsible gun owners to the safe handling, proper maintenance, and effective use of AR-15-style rifles in the context of civilian home defense and defense. 

Additional Services

Criminal Prosecution / Defense

I provide prosecution and defense consultation. Expert witness testimony, on firearms nomenclature, operation etc..

Subject matter expert

Have a question? Ask me. Home / Business security, Home defense, personal "non lethal" weapons, edged weapons,

Classroom / Facility is available to host your class. 

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Betts Defense Training Facility is located on a Private Road (gravel). Driving direction usually direct you to come in off Trimble Rd.

Trimble Rd. Directions: Turn at 2103 Trimble and come down the "easement driveway" to the gravel road. 201 is the third house on the left. 

Edgewood Rd. Directions: Turn Right on Nuttal Ave. (at Economy Tire) continue approx. 1/4 mile to the mail boxes and turn Right on Rail Road Ave.  201 is the third house on the right.

Hours of Operation: 

Daily: M-S 9am-9pm. Sunday 8am-5pm.


"at your convenience in your home day or evening"

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To register for ANY class with out making the full payment (on the USCCA instructor page) or to place the deposit. Please call Harvey at 443-803-1399 payment can be made over the phone or electronically. 


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